April 3, 2013

hosterek said: One more!: Stiles barely starts to smirk before Derek reaches over and wipes the excess down the side of his face. “You’re an asshole.”“Thanks, jackass,” says Stiles, his face twisting into a weird cross between a fake smile and a grimace. He looks up to find Scott watching them with an odd expression, but he doesn’t have time to ask about it because they’re all distracted by a loud, wet crunching noise. What was Scott thinking + more?

I have moments sometimes - and I think a lot of people experience similar things - where I connect really strongly to a memory, and I get wrapped up measuring the distance between me now and me then.

For Scott, that interaction threw him back to the beginning of Hate Cake, when he got the worried phone call from Stiles because Derek had left something on Stiles’ porch and Stiles of course assumed that it couldn’t be anything good.

There’s a vast distance between the instinctive distrust of then and the casual playfulness of now. It’s Scott’s first moment of realizing that they’re really actually friends with each other. It’s not just the two of them being stubborn assholes trying to one-up each other with cake and lube pranks, and it’s not just Stiles defaulting to his weird sure I guess we should save Derek even though he’s terrible stance on life.

They care about each other. And when you have a friend that you’re as close to as Scott is to Stiles, you have to kind of make room in your life for the people they bring into their circles, so it was also a moment of shit now I’m going to be stuck with this jerk.

  1. hosterek said: Honestly, your characterization of scott is perfect.
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I mean you can contact me here but tbh you can expect a reply anywhere between two minutes from sending and never. I know that's kind of a broad window but it's where I'm at right now. It's like gambling but without money or those cute drinks they give you.

I miss our little talks. And you too have your stories, and you too have your place. Everywhere she went, including here, it was against her better judgement.