April 3, 2013

betpisbroken-deactivated2014041 said: OK IT'S TIME: He took Stiles there, sat him on the floor, wrapped him in a towel, and went to find dry clothes small enough for him to wear. When he got back, Stiles was losing the struggle to stay conscious and the towel had slipped from around his shoulders. Derek put a hand against his face to straighten his head but withdrew it as if he'd been bitten when Stiles flinched, eyes flying wide to stare at him.

I think Derek probably has a lot of really interesting and complicated feelings about being scary.

On the one hand it’s how he accomplishes most of his goals (or how he tries to) but people being afraid of werewolves is also why the hunters got started in the first place, and given that most of the time he’s shit scared and has no idea what he’s doing, I think it probably strikes him as surprising that he’s so successful at being scary, especially with Stiles who’s usually so adept at seeing right through people.

But this reaction was above and beyond the way Stiles has reacted to Derek’s threats before. It wasn’t just fear, it was pain, and Stiles’ skin was so cold and he was so quiet and he reacted like Derek had hurt him. And even though Derek knew he hadn’t, there’s that moment where you worry, like when you wave your hand and thunder booms, and you know you didn’t make the thunder but it kind of feels like you made the thunder.

He knew he hadn’t hurt Stiles, but it kind of felt like he’d hurt Stiles and that feeling was wildly unpleasant, which should have been his first sign that he has feelings about Stiles and not all of them are full-body-eye-rolling.

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I mean you can contact me here but tbh you can expect a reply anywhere between two minutes from sending and never. I know that's kind of a broad window but it's where I'm at right now. It's like gambling but without money or those cute drinks they give you.

I miss our little talks. And you too have your stories, and you too have your place. Everywhere she went, including here, it was against her better judgement.